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Ni Hao 2 Elementary Level: Student Textbook (3rd edition) + eText
Ni Hao 2 Elementary Level: Student Textbook (3rd edition) + eText

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Ni Hao 2 is the second level in the series and is suited to junior high school students in grade 9 or 10.

As in Ni Hao 1, Chinese characters in this level are used extensively throughout the text and are companied by Pinyin, which is gradually omitted.

Ni Hao 2 has a stronger focus on important sentence structures and the language introduced is more frequently and functionally repeated. The settings and topics are closely related to students’ daily lives to make the language meaningful, and the dialogues are spiced with humour to keep students engaged.

Adults with some prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese may find this level more suitable than Ni Hao 1.

This level introduces more than 440 words and phrases, and provides 140 characters to learn to write.

Topics include

  • asking the date, birthdays
  • time, daily routines
  • position/location of things etc
  • clothing
  • shopping
  • making phone calls
  • eating at restaurants, being a guest
  • the weather

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